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THINK 2014 applicants:

Thank you for writing a project proposal and submitting it to THINK. We received over 100 proposals, and we enjoyed reading through a lot of great applications. Even though we are unable to provide funding for every outstanding proposal, we encourage all of you to continue to pursue your passion and interests. It is this innovative thinking and pursuit of scientific knowledge that will define the next generation of scientists, engineers, and leaders. We hope that you were able to learn from this experience. The proposal writing process will continue to be useful, whether you are a researcher submitting a grant proposal or an engineer making a design document. We wish you the best of luck in the future.

THINK team

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THINK project proposals are science and engineering ideas that span many fields from green technologies and practical devices to software applications.

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One semester, $2,000 budget, mentorship, and a trip to MIT. So, have a cool idea that you want to work on? We want to hear about it!