Stages of the Program

THINK helps high school students turn ideas into reality. THINK project proposals are science, technology, and engineering ideas that span many fields from green technologies and practical devices to software applications. As long as it can be completed in one semester with a $1,000 budget, almost anything is fair game! A good proposal has an insightful idea, clearly defined goals, and a well thought-out procedure for implementation.


Applying for the THINK Scholars Program is a simple two-step process:

  • Register: create an account using your email address and some basic information.
  • Find a team: You can work alone, or work with a partner.
  • Submit your proposal: upload a document describing your idea, goals, and implementation procedure (see rules and guidelines).

Register now or log in to see the application, including specific guidelines and requirements for the proposal.


A panel comprising MIT students, faculty, and alumni will review the applications based on the following criteria:

  • Impact: How interesting and relevant is the identified problem?
  • Innovation: How original or creative is the proposed solution? How does it improve upon existing solutions?
  • Clarity: Are the goals and timeline clearly defined? Can the results be clearly evaluated?
  • Feasibility: Can the stated goals be accomplished within the time, cost, and resource constraints?
  • Benefits: How much will project benefit from THINK funding?

Finalists Trip

Through this process, up to 6 proposals will be chosen to participate as Finalists in the THINK Scholars Program, and invited to MIT for the Finalists Trip. You will be invited to MIT to attend Techfair, meet the THINK team, institute professors, program sponsors, and other selected students. All finalists will be given funding and mentorship to complete their projects.  After completion of these projects and submission of a final report, up to three of the finalists will be chosen as winners and receive additional scholarships.


While you implement your project idea, we will maintain an active relationship with you. We will provide you with funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities with sponsors, MIT students, faculty, and alumni. In return, we expect that you document the whole process online in the form of reports, photos, and videos. Documentation should show the successful completion of milestones and goals, and any difficulties or challenges encountered along the way. Your project experience will be shared with our sponsors and our community. In addition, we will hold regular phone or web conferences to check on your progress, provide advice, and teach you some useful skills.

By the end of the spring semester, you will let us know how you fulfilled the completion criteria – for example, a video demonstrating what you successfully created or a technical paper with all of your data elaborating what you have found. At that point you will receive the THINK scholarship, and the team with the best project will be designated the Grand Prize Winner.

So, have a cool science/engineering idea that you want to work on? Tell us about it!