Meet the THINK Team

THINK is a completely student-run educational initiative for high school students promoting science and technology.

We are a small team of MIT students that does the entire planning from start to finish. Here is our 2016-2017 team members:

Kavish Gandhi

Director | Class of 2019 | Mathematics

If I could be any element, I would be: Carbon.

Kavish is a sophomore from Newton, Massachusetts, majoring in Mathematics. This is his second year on THINK, and he is especially excited to bring opportunities to the many high school students that have the potential to create something amazing if just given the chance. His main academic interests lies in mathematics and computer science, but he also has a childhood passion for astrophysics that continues to this day and an undying love for classical music.

Robert Vasen

Class of 2018 | Computer Science and Engineering, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

If I could be any element, I would be: Germanium.

Robby is a junior from Ocean, NJ, double majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences. His main academic interests lie in the intersection between computer science and cognitive science, namely computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence. He's really excited to give high schoolers with cool ideas the resources they need to see their ideas come to fruition. Outside of his academic interests, he really likes music, both listening to it and creating it with his guitar.

Sooraj Boominathan

Class of 2019 | Computer Science and Engineering

If I could be any element, I would be: Palladium.

Sooraj is a sophomore from Edmond, Oklahoma majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. This is his second year on THINK, and he is looking forward to continuing to provide high schoolers with the opportunity to make their innovative dreams a reality. Sooraj was a chemistry addict through most of high school, but he is looking forward to developing his interest in computer science at MIT as well. In his free time, Sooraj enjoys browsing Quora in a quest to find the most interesting questions in the world.

Joe Zurier

Class of 2019 | Mathematics

If I could be any element, I would be: Rubidium.

Hey guys! My name is Joe Zurier, and I'm a member of THINK for the 2015-2016 competition cycle. I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and I'm currently a freshman at MIT. I was motivated to work on THINK by my experience with high school science competitions - THINK has a unique niche in that it encourages students who might not already have access to technological resources to develop and innovate at a young age. When I'm not studying math or working for THINK, I enjoy playing frisbee and watching House of Cards.

Ricardo Rodriguez-Garcia

Class of 2019 | Aeronautics and Astronomics

If I could be any element, I would be: Ununoctium .

Hello! First of all, I apologize for breaking the third-person uniformity. Second of all, I am excited to review the amazing inventions that you devise. Currently, I am a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. From there I remember the old days of last year, when I rushed to build semi-functional rocket engines and attempted to understand orbital dynamics. Mostly, however, I remember that throughout this process I had a network of friends and mentors that helped me achieve success. In the same way, THINK serves a pivotal role in supporting students who deserve a chance to create. That is why I am here; how about you?

Ayush Sharma | website

Class of 2019 | Computer Science and Engineering

If I could be any element, I would be: Chromium.

Ayush is a sophomore at MIT majoring in Computer Science. His never ending pursuit in life is to continually learn more and to seek complex problems and challenges to solve. He enjoys intellectual discussions and connecting with people who share similar interests, while also trying to understand those who differ. As a new member of THINK, he is looking forward to making MIT's resources available to brilliant high-school students across the country and see their scientific ideas come to life.

Tiffany Pan

Class of 2020 | Computer Science and Engineering

If I could be any element, I would be: Mercury.

Tiffany is a freshman from Spring, Texas, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Her academic passions include applied mathematics, mental math, and computer programming. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys digital photography, visual arts, playing the viola, and piecing together puzzles. This is her first year on THINK, and she is looking forward to presenting intelligent, young minds with the opportunity to make something of their own and realize their potential to change the world.

Crystal Chang

Class of 2020 | Biology, Management

If I could be any element, I would be: Carbon (diamonds are crystals, aren't they?).

Crystal is a freshman hailing from the sunny city of Diamond Bar, California, where good food and good people abound. She is majoring in Biology and Management, but to be honest she finds almost everything interesting (health policy, foreign languages, drama, creative writing, etc.). Crystal is super excited about THINK because 1) she loves meeting new people and 2) she loves telling quirky science stories and now there'll be people who have to listen to them! Yay! Just kidding. When she isn't crying over psets or looking up productivity hacks, Crystal likes to sing, dance, act, or just chill with friends, because good relationships are what make the world go round.

Ramya Nagarajan

Class of 2020 | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

If I could be any element, I would be: Hydrogen.

Ramya is a freshman from Burlingame, California majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Unfortunately, Ramya never got a chance to do research or participate in academic competitions in high school, and this along with the excitement working with younger students brings her is why she became a part of THINK. When she isn't pset-ing, Ramya loves learning about international relations and stalking startup founders and venture capitalists on Twitter.

Maurizio Diaz

Class of 2020 | Biological Engineering

If I could be any element, I would be: Terbium..

Maurizio is a freshman born in Venezuela but previously residing in Miami, Florida. He is majoring in Biological Engineering. Academically, he is interested in synthetic biology research and its real-world applications for the treatment of disease. Outside of the lab, Maurizio is an avid gamer, free food hunter, and computer building enthusiast. As a new member of THINK, Maurizio aspires to assist high school students realize their ideas in ways they might not have considered before.

Stephanie Hu

Class of 2020 | Biological Engineering

If I could be any element, I would be: Titanium.

Stephanie is a freshman from the sunny, seasonless suburbs of San Diego, California. Although she really has no clue what she wants to major in, she loves all things science and engineering and is always interested in learning something new. She is beyond excited to share her passion with high school students from around the country and help them realize their potential in the STEM field. When she's not in the lab studying motivational behavior in her mice or struggling over her psets, she enjoys chilling with her friends, hiking, writing thriller novels and angsty poetry, and admiring the color purple.

Jenny Li

Class of 2020 | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

If I could be any element, I would be: Iron .

Jenny is a current freshmen from New York City, New York and is majoring in electrical engineering and computer science, but has many other fields that she would love to explore (Management and Media Studies are just a few)! Jenny loves robotics (go FRC!) and has discovered through her experience with her team that the best reward she could receive from them is the opportunity to pass on her knowledge to underclassmen and give future engineers the tools to start building now. This love for teaching drives her excitement to show students that they are never too young to change the world with their ideas. In her free time, she enjoys telling terrible puns, playing the piano, and de-stressing over a game of volleyball. Jenny is extremely excited to start her journey at THINK and work with students to make their ideas a reality!

Prof. Yuriy Roman

Faculty | Chemical Engineering

Prof. Yuriy Roman is from Mexico City, Mexico. Research in his group addresses fundamental challenges in the production of fuels and chemicals from alternative feedstock, with an emphasis on the design and synthesis of novel catalytic materials. As a faculty sponsor of THINK, he is looking forward to interacting with motivated students to materialize innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

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