THINK Vision

THINK stands for Technology for Humanity guided by Innovation, Networking, and Knowledge. The vision of THINK is to make science and technology research and development accessible to all motivated high school students.

THINK Scholars Program

Our philosophy is that although students at the high school level may not have the knowledge or experience of a college-educated professional, many of them certainly have the creativity and passion to make significant contributions to science and technology. We hope to share with these students the resources and connections that we have at MIT and in industry.

How will we accomplish this goal? Using the existing THINK competition as a framework, we will develop an application process for admission into our new program. Rather than simply recognizing high school students with completed projects, we would like to support and encourage students who wish to implement their ideas. Accepted students will receive seed funding, mentorship from the THINK team, and advice from MIT professors and industry professionals.

The human aspect is where THINK differs from typical competitions. In a results-oriented world, the process is often understated, even though it is typically the most challenging and arduous part of a project. This is where the guidance and support of others can be immensely beneficial to an aspiring scientist or engineer. While nothing can replace parents and teachers, we hope to provide students with an external support network that will guide them in their endeavors.

We hope THINK will be an inspirational experience that helps to nurture the next generation of young innovators and shows them that any project idea can be realized with innovation, networking, and knowledge.